While Rappture has played since 1987 at many hotels, nightclubs, country clubs and restaurants throughout Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties, we have listed just three references in the interest of brevity. For a more extensive history list, please contact us.

Country Club
May 23, 2000
Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club
Lighthouse Point, FL

Cyndi Rapp and her trio have been entertaining at our club for more than two years.

They play a great variety from traditional country club dance tunes, to some old classic blues songs, Top 40 or today's popular songs.

Our members, which include a wide spectrum of age levels, were always pleased and responsive to their music.

They will be both professional and entertaining, and will do a fine job for you.

Good Luck!

Russ Gaglio
General Manager

November 22, 2004
Rottie's Restaurant
Hutchinson Island
Jensen Beach, FL

Rappture was Rottie's house band on weekends for 4 years. Over that time, they consistently did an excellent job of providing musical entertainment for patrons of our restaurant.

Cyndi is great at understanding the right songs for the situation, and could play everything from light dinner music, jazz standards and easy listening (in the early part of the evening) to contemporary pop and rock songs (later in the evening). She also displayed an ability to handle even obscure requests from the audience.

If not for the closing of Rottie's after the hurricanes, we would still be enjoying Rappture today.

Michael Linn
General Manager

Private Party
November 29, 2004
A. E. Bean Backus Gallery
Ft. Pierce, FL

I recently hired Cyndi Rapp and her group, Rappture, to provide music for a party at my home. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the versatility and quality of their performance. The songs chosen fit perfectly with the musical tastes of our guests, and the dance floor was packed the entire evening. So many of my guests complimented the band that I booked them for the same event the following year. Cyndi's singing voice can only be called outstanding and the variety of their repertoire is amazing.

Since my party I have advised several of my friends to book Rappture for any parties they plan. In fact, Rappture has already played at one of my friend's parties and is booked for another. I certainly plan to book them for future private parties, as well as for events at the A.E. Backus Gallery.

Kathy Fredrick
Executive Director

For more info contact:
Phone: 772-229-2575
Email: info@rappture.com